Welcome To Fad International

Fad international Company has been actively operating since 1999 within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and across the Middle Eastern region.  With another successfully operating companny under it, Think Contemporary Marketing Trade Company. Fad International Company is now progressing into becoming a holding group.  

The entity’s primary sector is fashion retail, within which it offers womenswear under the registered company, Think Contemporary Marketing Trade Company. The company owns and manages two trending fashion brands, femi9 and Vivid Flair London, with 67 stores across three continents. Both brands are managed completely in-house, from design, logistics and production to distribution and retail processes. With rising demand from the global market, femi9 has expanded its operations online to reach customers worldwide. The convenience and attractiveness of online shopping increases the usuability of this customer-centric platform at an exponential rate. femi9 is now available globally as well.

Fad International Company is run from its head office in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, with successful operations across the GCC and Middle East – including Saudi Arabia, United Arab of Emirates, Bahrain, Libya and Egypt. The company has substantial expansion plans, in new markets and new business sectors.

Opening Jobs

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